Frankincence Essential Oil 10 ml

This oil is extracted from the resin of frankincense trees. It has an earthy aroma, similar to black liquorice.

Uses: Bad breath, Bronchitis, Menopause symptoms
Recommended Blends:  Lemon, Lavender, Ylang Ylang
Ingredients: 100% Pure Frankincense Essential Oil
Volume: 10ml
  1.  Dilute with carrier oils like  Argan, Tamanu and Vitamin E, or water. 
  2. Use of ultrasonic diffusers ( check out the Ceramic Artisan Diffuser) or wearable diffuser necklaces (check out the Dream On Necklace
  3. Add to unscented cleaning products or water and spray on linens. 
  4. Add to unscented beauty and skin care products

*3-5 drops for every 100ml of water or 1 drop to every tbs of carrier oil

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